Admissions, Exclusions & Grievance Panels

Admission appeals

We offer a complete, professional and independent admission appeals management service. We have expertise and legal knowledge of admissions and admission appeals and have successfully run admission appeals hearings for many years.

Let us take the stress out of the appeals process. We can provide fully trained, independent panel members; an independent, professional clerk and a presenting officer, if required. We can help to produce a robust statement of case, which forms the school's basis for the appeals hearing.

Our vast experience in the admission field will ensure a smooth and fully compliant appeals process.

Admission Reviews

Are your concerned that your admission arrangements are not fully compliant? Has your setting had a complaint passed to the School Adjudicator? Do you feel that your processes or policy need some development? Contact us to arrange a review of your admission processes and policy.


Best practice recommends that an independent clerk should be appointed in order to constitute and assist the panel and to ensure that its independence and impartiality (both actual and perceived) are not compromised in any way; and to provide independent advice on the guidance, legislation and procedures.


Accurate recording and advice pertaining to a grievance is paramount. If you require an independent and fully trained clerk, please contact us on 0203 858 7992.

Please complete the form below to book one of your services and we'll be in touch to confirm your booking. Please complete the date and a time fields if you require a clerk for a particular meeting.