MAT / Federation Conversion

The conversion process towards becoming an Academy or joining a Federation is now a well-trodden path. There are a number of options ranging from the very simple off-the-shelf conversion of a single school to the creation of a complex Trust structure or Federation, with numerous schools operating under its wing.

Our experts can assist with the entire process, from initial consideration of all the options available to a single school to completion of the entire project in line with the objectives of the members.

In particular, we can assist with the following:

  • Advising you on the optimum structure for your school,
  • If you are seeking to join an existing MAT or Federation, we can help you find one that reflects your values and culture,
  • Help you to create a MAT and approach schools on your behalf.

We can manage each stage of the process and liaise with all parties involved including:

  • Managing the legal work involved in creating the initial Limited Company and Trust, transferring land and other assets, dealing with the Funding Agreement and TUPE work,
  • Dealing with the transfer of commercial contracts,
  • Advising on selection of auditors and accounting systems,
  • Advising on Governor roles and responsibilities.

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